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Qualified personal trainers for the older adult

It's a prerequisite for any personal trainer who trains older adults to have detailed knowledge of how the human body works in later life. This knowledge is best obtained through formal qualifications gained through accredited fitness professional education providers such as YMCAfit.

Many age-related changes begin around/after 35 years of age, and these are often seen most markedly in adults who lead a sedentary lifestyle, while this is bad news, regular exercise with a personal trainer can significantly slow the pace of decline, and in some instances even reverse age-related changes.

Exercise for older adults with a personal trainer offers a bespoke programme to achieve individual health and fitness goals be that to; lose weight, tone up, gain lean muscle, improve flexibility, balance and strength, maintain independent living, start a new leisure pursuit such as golf or tennis.

Both Ty and Gav have qualifications obtained through YMCAfit and understand how to develop bespoke exercise programmes for older adults in addition to the exercise classes that they jointly run for the over 60s through the Young At Heart Keep Fit Club.

One 2 one or small group personal training

If you’d rather not attend large group exercise classes for the over 60s or join a gym which can be unfriendly, unmotivating and often intimidating and would prefer to work with a personal trainer on a one 2 one basis or in a small group, then the Young At Heart Keep Fit Personal Training could be right for you!

The one-2-one personal training option is a bespoke keep fit programme designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goal(s) that also provides you with a motivational boost and helps with exercise technique and exercise ideas to keep you interested and your body challenged.

Better still, this fully mobile Young At Heart personal training service can fit around your weekly schedule and family commitments. Train in the convenience and privacy of your home and garden, outdoors in one of the many parks and gardens and beachside location or in a private studio gym.

Training with a small group of friends or your partner is not only a lot of fun but can also be a more cost-effective way to still have a Young At Heart personal trainer to work with you. The more involved in the small group (maximum 6), the cheaper it is for all of you.


Benefits of Young At Heart Personal Training!

  • Fast-track your health and fitness goals by supplementing your keep fit club classes with one-2-one or small group sessions with our Young At Heart personal trainers.
  • Our Young At Heart personal trainers are qualified fitness instructors for the older adult.
  • Become fitter, stronger and more flexible regardless of age. Help reverse age related conditions such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
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