How a food diary can help older adults eat better

Food diary for weight loss

A food diary can help you identify problem-eating habits. Do you mindlessly dine on junk food when you watch your favourite TV show? You may not be aware how many unhealthful, high-calorie, processed foods you are eating at odd moments if you don’t record your-eating habits with a food diary. Seeing all that you eat in black and white can help you take responsibility for changing your unhealthy eating behaviour.

Here are the Young At Heart Keep Fit Club top tips for eating better:

Don’t wait to write:

To get the most accurate record of what and how much you eat, jot down what you’ve eaten as soon as you eat it. If you wait until the end of the day, it’s likely you’ll forget some of the things you ate earlier. Endeavour to write down every mouthful of food, snacks, and sips within 15 minutes of eating it.

Do get the details:

Record relevant important details, including the time of your meal or snack, where you ate, whether you were doing something else while you were eating, and the type of food you consumed whether, for example, it was a meal cooked from scratch or fast food you picked up on the go. This added information will help reveal eating patterns.

Do record portion sizes:

Record the specific amounts of each food you eat—for example, 1 cup of orange juice or 3 ounces of chicken. Measure portion sizes with standard measuring utensils and a kitchen scale. This not only helps you track your food consumption but will give you familiarity with standard serving sizes. You’ll probably be surprised by what a 3-ounce serving size of chicken or a half a cup of pasta looks like on your plate. Over time, you can begin to ‘eyeball’ servings more accurately and skip the actual measuring.

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